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Orthodontic Records: What They Are and What to Expect
Learn why it's important for your orthodontist to take impressions (molds), photographs, and X-rays to create a customized treatment plan for your smile.
Tips for Taking Care of Your Braces
Save time and avoid discomfort by taking care of your braces or Invisalign the right way! Check out these tips for the course of your orthodontic treatment.
Tips for Avoiding Broken Braces
One of the concerns that come along with having braces is trying to avoid breaking them. A broken brace can mean more time sitting in the orthodontist’s chair as they fix it, and sometimes can also create an additional out-of-pocket expense. Besides, who wants to keep spending time at the orthodontist office for broken braces if we can do things to avoid it?
The Dos and Don’ts of Getting Invisalign
Each year many people find that they need braces to help treat the alignment of their teeth. The first thing that pops into most people’s mind is a mouth full of metal, which is not something they want! This is especially true for those millions of adults who would like to straighten their teeth but don’t want to walk around with traditional metal braces, calling attention to what they are doing.
What’s the Big Deal About Straight Teeth?
Straight teeth help you to effectively bite, chew and speak. Straight teeth contribute to healthy oral hygiene and gums. Properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems. Teeth that work better also tend to look better. An attractive smile is a “pleasant side effect” of orthodontic treatment.
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