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What’s the Big Deal About Straight Teeth?

Straight teeth help you to effectively bite, chew and speak. Straight teeth contribute to healthy oral hygiene and gums. Properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems. Teeth that work better also tend to look better. An attractive smile is a “pleasant side effect” of orthodontic treatment. 

Personal Benefits

One of the most important things that straight teeth give children is a sense of self-confidence. This is an excellent quality to instill in a young child, as they carry it with them into their teen years and beyond. Confident teens are more likely to become confident adults, and so by having a smile to be proud of when they are young, children are given a great tool for success that they will appreciate for life. 

A person’s self esteem at any age improves as orthodontic treatment brings the teeth, lips and face into proportion. In this way, orthodontic treatment can contribute to social and career success, as well as improve a person’s general attitude toward life. 

Health Benefits

You may be surprised to learn that straight teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease and injury as well. Straight teeth collect less plaque (which is a colorless, sticky film that is composed of bacteria, food particles, and saliva). Decay results when the bacteria in plaque feeds on carbohydrates, such as sugar and starch, that we eat or drink and produces acids that can cause cavities. 

Plaque also increases the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. When teeth are properly aligned, and less plaque collects, these risks decline.  Proper tooth alignment also makes it easier to keep teeth clean.  As for injuries to teeth, protruding upper teeth are more likely to be broken in an accident. When repositioned and aligned with other teeth, these teeth are most probably going to be at a decreased risk for fracture. 

Getting Started

Untreated orthodontic problems may become worse with time, therefore the best time to determine if treatment can be beneficial is as a child. Having proper orthodontic care early can help prevent issues such as abnormal tooth wear, inefficient chewing function, and excessive stress on gum tissue as an adult. It can also be more cost effective to treat a child than to do the restorative dental care to treat an adult. 

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